Dear Loyal Customers,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Evy’s Tree is closing.

In 2010, I started selling handmade embellished hoodies from my blog and very quickly, a community of women who also loved comfort + luxury began. That was over 12 years ago, and what an amazing ride this has been full of beautiful memories; ones that I am so proud of and that will forever hold dear to my heart.

The past year has been beyond difficult on many levels, both professionally and personally. We took some strategic steps that unfortunately didn’t pay off, and because of that, this business has strayed far from the values that I hold dear to my heart. A few months ago, we started our pause in an honest effort to right the ship and get us back on course, but after several months of trying to do so, we have found that this beautiful business has gotten too far off to be able to put back together again; our ship has become too big to turn. And while it was my intention to make things right and keep us afloat, the reality is that I cannot be true to who I am and what I value with remnants of this ship as it is. The waters have become too muddled and the path much too complicated to navigate back.

Instead of trying to rebuild and repackage, my team and I have decided to do what is right and let this company go with dignity. If we want to get back to our values, then putting our values in place NOW will be of the upmost importance. For me, that means I do the next right thing NOW, not tomorrow. It means I do right by my staff, my customers and all of my stake holders. Living future minded is great for all entrepreneurs, but living in the present is even more important. And the present has made itself clear: it is time to close.

In order to do right by all, we will be liquidating everything we have. This will be the last time you will get to buy Evy’s Tree as is. This will help me finish this company with integrity. I know you have many questions; please feel free to DM us with those questions. There will be a follow up letter tomorrow with details of our closing and what steps we intend to do in the process; hopefully answering any questions you have.

Thank you, friends. If it wasn’t for you, supporting us the way you have, I would never be here. You excitedly joined in on a movement and followed us along the way, and I am so very grateful. I hope that my journey isn’t done; I believe I have so much to offer still, and I am confident that we will meet again someday very soon….we can smile and laugh at all the good that has taken place and continue to be a bright light in our world. Thank you, thank you.


So much love,

Never Miss Out

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