I’m not sure when the powers that be decided that comfort equated to frumpy. But for generations, moms have had to choose between fashion and function. In the last couple of years, as athleisure wear has come to the forefront of women’s fashion, we moms have far more choices than we ever did before (though if my recent perusal through the nightgown section of a popular superstore is any indication, we have a long way to go before we can bury those lacey mumus for good).

But let’s be honest. The last few months have been hard. We’ve had the pressures of homeschooling thrust upon our families, many of us have lost our jobs or are forced to work from home (with multiple children vying for our attention), and with parks closed and mandatory social distancing our support systems were unceremoniously stripped from us.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining. I know it is necessary to keep our communities safe and our healthcare system running smoothly. But it’s hard. Like, REALLY hard. But at the same time it’s wonderful. Heavenly, beautiful and an incredible blessing in disguise. This crisis has helped us understand the importance of family, remind us of our priorities, and helped us get back to our roots.

But full disclosure here… My pants are too tight. And my t-shirt sleeves are starting to hug my arms a little harder than they used to. And in spite of all of my best efforts, there are some days that I don’t get dressed. And I’d be lying if, when I walked through the aforementioned mumu infested women’s section, I didn’t look at those shapeless tents disguised as women’s clothing and think, “it may be ugly, but dang, it looks comfortable!”


Many of you already know the story behind Evy’s tree. We make clothes that fit well, feel great, and also make you feel beautiful. We continue to be committed to serving our fellow mothers and lifting them out of the funk that the daily grind of motherhood sometimes lays at our feet (that sometimes looks like a baby spit up on our shoulder or or the 4-day old mom bun).

Warm, reliable, and available in an infinite number of styles, Evy’s Tree hoodies are the backbone of moms who want to feel beautiful, without worrying sacrificing comfort.

From the de facto uniform of angsty teenagers to cool skater chicks, hoodies have grown so much since its humble beginnings. Nowadays, people from all walks of life embrace hoodies- celebrities, tech geeks, and stay at home moms who want to look cute, even when they are cleaning up after kids.


Luxury Hoodies for Women

Hoodies have always attracted the youth-based communities throughout the ages, which is probably why people think of hoodies as juvenile clothing. But the first article of clothing that could be called a hoodie first emerged in Medieval Europe. Monks used to wear tunics with hoods every day. In addition to the clergy, other hooded garments were made to protect laborers from the cold and rain by attaching hoods on sweatshirts. With this added protection, people could work without being exposed to the harsh elements.

By the 1930s hoodies started to take on a modern design. The Champion company that began in 1919 made the world’s first hooded sweatshirt in the 1930s. Before that, women and men’s hoodies as we know them today didn’t exist. But as technology enabled the construction and sewing together of thicker material and multiple layers, more and more companies started adding hoods to shirts in order to keep workers warm in the colder winters. Eventually, hoodies became a crucial part of both fashion and culture.


In 1976, the blockbuster film Rocky accelerated the popularity of hoodies. The rags-to-riches story frequently used hooded sweatshirts on the main character as he trained to become the world heavyweight champ. People started associating hoodies with sweat, success, and hard work.

The hoodie’s comfort and convenience, particularly features like the pouch pocket, quickly started gaining attention. Athletes started wearing hoodies to help them train. Younger people following sports used to see professionals wearing a pullover hoodie on the TV with a specific logo. This led to kids wanting a similar product of their own.

As hip hop and funk culture began, hoodies also started to make their way into the music scene. Bands and rappers often wore hoodies with their name or signature on the sleeve or back. Hoodies quickly evolved from being a practical clothing item to a product showcasing personal style.

But hoodies truly cemented its place in the fashion world during the mid-70s. As the hip-hop culture emerged on the streets of NYC, people wore them to conceal themselves from the police. MCs and break dancers wore them to keep a low profile and keep themselves warm before doing their thing. Graffiti artists did the same, but with a more practical purpose since hoodies are cheap and easily washable.


We work with the best manufacturers, and there is no limit to what can design and create. We offer hoodies with a bigger max length for women who want a little more coverage, with and without ruffles, and fabric choices for every season (or when your family can’t agree on the temperature in the house).

Here are just some of the biggest benefits of adding Evy’s Tree hoodies to your wardrobe:

  • Comfort: Hoodies are available in a wide range of made-to-measure styles. Some hoodies are sleek and stylish, with a very modern lightweight design. You can also get hoodies with extra length, or a special fit, depending on your needs. Some hoodies even accentuate your waist and give you a bit of extra confidence and still provide great comfort. That’s because hoodies are designed to be comfortable enough that you can wear them all day. A soft hoodie is amazing for coziness.
  • Variety: As mentioned above, the hooded sweatshirt is a lot more versatile today. Depending on what you need from your product, the options are limitless. Some hoodies come with features like a large front pocket, so you have somewhere to store your phone. Other hoodies come in more of a wrap style, so you can adjust your style to suit different outfits. There are even hoodies available for corporate use, so you can use your clothing to do your business advertising for you.
  • Personality: Hoodies are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your unique style and personality. You can purchase a hoodie in your favorite color and wear it wherever you go. There are hoodies for the woman who prefers to look a little more athletic or want to look a little more feminine, or the one going for casual, or something in between. This product isn’t just another item that you might occasionally wear for the right moment. A hoodie is an all-in-one solution for comfort and style. It demonstrates what makes you unique.
  • Value: Although some of the best hooded-sweatshirt options are a little more expensive, these products also deliver greater value. If you give someone a hoodie as a gift, for instance, you’re giving them something they can wear all the time. Get the sizing and design right, and your hoodie can replace your jacket as your go-to item for outdoor wear. You can also wear hoodies around the house when you need a little extra comfort or add them to your gym’s spandex outfit. We, at Evy’s Tree, also frequently offer great specials and promotions!
  • Durable: Many of the best hoodies feature high-quality, thick materials. This means that they’re excellent for long-term use. The longer you can use your hoodie, the more value you get from your purchase. Hoodies also have the advantage of being ideal for any season. You can layer up in winter when you need some extra warmth. In the summer, your hoodie is the perfect replacement for an overly warm coat.



Your favorite hoodie probably won’t be a sweatshirt you picked up from a thrift shop for a few dollars. I have an old Rutgers sweatshirt that I like to wear in a pinch, but it’s a little bunchy when I bend my elbows. You know the feeling, and it makes me claustrophobic. I have another one that I got from my MMA gym. It looked great on the hanger, and while it’s small enough in the torso to show my shape, it is too small in the arms.


While you’re shopping, consider things like sizing, fit, and style. Use our Virtual Dressing room to see the hoodie you are looking at on a real life person, with a size and body shape similar to yours.

Our hoodies look great with your favorite skirts, pants, and shoes.

Another point to remember is that although hoodies need to be comfortable, they shouldn’t be too loose. A hoodie can make you look too casual if it takes all the shape away from your body (a favorite habit of my emo-teen daughter). You’re here because you want to look beautiful and feminine. Not to hide your womanly shape.

Evy’s Tree’s hoodies will give you the comfort you crave while showing off your body’s best parts. Check out our sizing guide when browsing our online store.

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