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nicole in antique greenSoft, luxurious cotton blended with rayon or modal. Silky smooth yumminess that floats on your skin. Casual yet elegant. Dressy yet casual. All of this…in a hoodie. 

When I tell people I make hoodies for a living, I know they are shocked. A hoodie? Like beefy Hanes? Ummm, no. These are not hoodies. They are HOODIES. Comfort, luxury, pure amazingness. 

We get asked all the time; "what's so awesome about your hoodies?" Well, maybe you should ask some of our customers, they might be able to do express it better than I could.

Long story short, you need to feel in order to believe. Evy's Tree is more than just a outerwear piece. It's comfort and love. It's a hug on a gloomy day. It's a smile on a joyous occasion. It's community and life. One of our customers said it best years ago: "I saw a lady I didn't know wearing Evy's tree, and I KNEW we could be friends."

Not convinced? Give them a try. We dare you. We have free shipping and easy returns, so if you don't like it, just send it back to us. That's how much we stand by our product. 

Every day luxury, everyday life. It really does exist. 

about us

The truth of the matter is, I was desperate. Very, very desperate. People ask me all of the time what kind of plan I created to build a multi-million dollar company and the fact is, I had no plan. None at all. I was a new stay at home mom with two babies, who needed new clothes and diapers and all of the things… not to mention my Starbucks and Target habit that I couldn’t kick but wasn’t able to afford. I felt lost… I knew I needed to go back to my job as a 4th grade teacher eventually, but I hated the idea of leaving my kids. I felt super frustrated because I had this desire deep down to find a way to make money, but I had no idea how to go about that.

And then I embellished a hoodie. Never did I dream that this embellished hoodie would turn into what it is today. Never, ever. 

But it makes sense. I love hoodies. Being raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I learned as a young child that you always carried a hoodie in your backpack or in the trunk of your car. Here in the evening, fog can roll in from the bay and turn an 85 degree day into downright chilly in just a few minutes. You layer here. Always. Which meant that hoodies were perfect for me. And as it turns out, this teacher had a creative flair that I didn’t even know existed. I surprised myself, to be honest. Being a child of a second generation entrepreneur, I knew how to make money, but to be creative and design clothes? Well, that kinda came out of nowhere.

But God knew all along. And I’m good with the way it turned out.

It all started with me embellishing a couple of hoodies for a trip to Disney World. Then I made some hoodies for my nieces as Christmas gifts, and posted pictures of them on my blog. I got a ton of emails asking if I could make some to sell, so I put up a PayPal link and sold 15 embellished hoodies in 30 minutes. It took us 3 years to figure things out, which meant running a factory out of our living room and garage, but eventually we starting turning a profit, all the while telling the world how important luxury hoodies are. Today we no longer operate out of our living room, but from a warehouse with a small shop in the front, where we cater to local customers and wine country tourists. We are no longer just a one-man team with a few seamstresses; we now have an amazing staff behind us. We sell thousands upon thousands of luxury hoodies to women all over the world. And yes, we now have a plan. We know where we are going. Thank you to all of you who love us so much, we look forward to putting luxury hoodies in the hands of every women, young girl, grandmother, career woman... you name it. Everyone needs an Evy’s Tree, not just to wear with your sweats at home but to style every day in every way, casual or dressy.

From my family to yours, thank you for putting faith in our dream, you mean so much to us. We are so happy to be doing this journey with you. May all of your days be full of luxury and comfort!

Want to see some videos about our story? Click here.