Evy's Tree Enthusiast Program (trial)

The Evy’s Tree Enthusiast Program is designed to grow the Evy’s Tree community offline and online by spreading the Evy’s Tree mission through a group of passionate and loyal customers. Evy’s Tree Enthusiasts; a group of enthusiastic, influential customers that love Evy’s Tree products. Evy’s Tree is not just a hoodie company. Evy’s Tree is built on women helping women. Being an Enthusiast gives you the opportunity to connect with other women in your community and talk about luxury comfort clothing that makes you feel wonderful at all times in your life. Want to be an Evy’s Tree Enthusiast, receive perks and share the experience with family and friends?


Evy's Tree Enthusiast Perks and Requirements

  • Enthusiast Perks

    • Receive shop credits and exclusive discounts
    • Receive gifted product for sharing campaigns and sales
    • Be one of the first to know about our new products and receive them
    • Be part of a community of love, kindness, and compassion
    • Help spread the word that fashion and comfort can coexist
  • Enthusiast Requirements:

    • Be enthusiastic about Evy’s Tree products and spread the excitement with friends and family
    • Share quality photos wearing Evy’s Tree and information to encourage purchasing
    • Must actively participate in social media and have public accounts
    • Must be accessible to Evy’s Tree for communication and receiving promotion instructions
    • Represent Evy’s Tree in a professional light
"To me, Evystree is more than just a hoodie. It’s the heart of the brand that helps make me feel good about who I am as a mama and as a woman. It’s a hoodie that says ‘Listen, I know you’ve slept in me for three nights in a row and haven’t taken a shower in a week but you still look (and feel) like a million bucks so you go rock this day beautiful girl and I’ll be behind you every step of the way.’ That’s what separates Evy's Tree from everyone else, and why I love being an enthusiast!" - Jill Burrows
"Getting to represent my go-to apparel as an Evy’s Tree enthusiast has been a blessing and a blast! I love that Evy’s Tree is high quality clothing that I know will last, and I can wear anywhere. I feel pretty, confident and comfortable when I am on a field trip with my kids or at my husbands fire department ceremony. It takes me through life for every occasion!" - Tessa Wolsiffer
"Evy’s Tree has perfectly captured my life goal of style meets comfort. I was drawn in by the buttery soft fabrics and hoodies with style but I stay because I’m in love with the brand as a whole. The quality of the product, exceptional customer care, and wrappable comfort is worth the investment! The owner, Amy, is a mom who has a heart for family values and her customers. So as a bonus, my comfort also supports a fellow mom’s goals. I genuinely love being an Enthusiast because it’s a company I believe in with a product that makes me smile every time I put it on." - Rebekah Withey

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