Let’s face it, my fellow mamas, we all have staple pieces in our wardrobe. Items that we turn to time and time again when we can’t be bothered to put together an entire outfit. 

Denim is one of the best-known fabrics in the fashion landscape. Available in every kind of fit and style, denim is an incredible product for any wardrobe. 

A good pair of premium denim jeans or something similar can be an excellent choice when you’re looking for something that you can dress up or down. The question is, how do you know the difference between the standard blue jean brand and something that goes beyond classic denim?

If you’ve been looking for something special to add to your clothing collection, Evy’s Tree knows what’s up. Here, we’re going to help you find the difference between denim and premium denim. 

The Biggest Difference is Quality

Ask most people what the difference between premium and classic denim is, and they’ll tell you that it’s easy – it comes down to the price you pay at the checkout. We all know how much a pair of good denim jeans or a denim jacket can cost. However, there’s more to the higher price tag than just the brand name. 

The manufacturers of premium denim tell us that these items are so expensive because they can provide the perfect blend of comfort, enhanced functionality, and design. When it comes down to it, there’s more to premium denim than a price tag. You need to start by looking at the fabric. 

A good pair of denim shorts or a denim skirt usually features some incredible material. Stretch denim, or straight leg denim, no matter which you choose, will be able to keep its shape better when it’s premium in quality. You can wear this product in any style and still get great results. 

What Else Makes Premium Denim Different?

Another example of premium denim offering something unique is that this material has a different kind of laundering process compared to other forms of denim. You might not realize this when you’re dragging your skinny jeans up your thigh, but mom’s jeans and other forms of denim go through an intensive laundering process (ever had a baby have a diaper blowout on your lap?  What am I thinking, of COURSE you have!)

Depending on the style you choose, the perfect pair of jeans goes through a very labor-intensive process. Companies need to invest in things like sand-blasting, whiskering, and baking to get the ideal finish from raw denim. Some companies even create custom rips to make the material look even more unique. 

Classic denim can imitate these processes but often uses cheaper solutions, like dyes and paints, to get premium finishes (eew, right?). You may also find that your denim fabric has more features when it’s premium, such as full front pockets that you can actually fit your keys in, or copper rivets to protect the rest of your clothes.

How to Define Premium Denim

The most important thing to look for in premium denim is that everything should feel amazing. Classic denim can often replicate the amazing feel of premium denim when created properly. However, after a single wash, the color and fabric begin to falter. Everything from the button on the top of your zipper to the waistband, will last longer and accomplish more with premium denim. Not to mention those tiny little holes we all get in the front of our favorite shirts (right around the button) after years of being rubbed up against our old, department store jeans.

If you’re looking for an excellent premium denim experience, you can start by checking out some of the hand-picked options we have here at Evy’s Tree. The we have several options for those who want an incredible and versatile look

If you want something with more of a retro style, you can try the premium denim flare jeans we have here. They’re excellent for people who like a laid-back finished look. 

The great thing about premium denim jeans, or any premium denim brand products, is that it doesn’t take a lot to pair your jeans with something for an instantly amazing trend. These premium jeans offer the ultimate comfort, along with the perfect fit, even when you just wear them with a t-shirt. 

Premium Denim is Always the Best

Let’s face it, ladies, sometimes if you want something that’s going to stand the pressures and pains of motherhood, you need to pay a little more for quality. The perfect pair of denim pants or a great rip-style jacket can be the ultimate finishing touch to your wardrobe. However, you also need to make sure that you’re investing in the kind of quality material that you deserve.

You work hard.  You’re soft and comforting (like grilled cheese and tomato soup).  Your jeans should feel the same.

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