Q. What is happening with all outstanding orders? When will they ship?

A. It is our intent to fulfill all outstanding orders. We are still working on getting final dates of arrival for some items that have been pre-ordered. If we are unable to fulfill your order you will be notified. All ship dates will be updated as we get information given to us.


Q. Can I use my gift cards?

A. Yes you can use your gift cards to purchase items during our liquidation sale! 


Q. Will I get money back for unused gift cards/store credit?

A. No, as the fine print states, gift cards and store credit, including Club Membership, can not be exchanged, sold, returned or transferred. 


Q. Will all pre-order items and sample sale items ship?

A. Yes! All pre-order items will be fulfilled unless otherwise noted by us. If you have a sample sale item that has not shipped, it is likely due inventory over-sell and we will refund you as soon as possible. 


Q. Can people cancel orders and get refunded?

A. At this point, we are not canceling orders or doing price adjustments. Our team will only be honoring order cancellations submitted prior to 10/3/2022. If there is an over-sell, we will cancel your order at that point, but all sales are final and no returns or exchanges will be offered at this time. We will not be honoring any price adjustments. If you email in regarding a price adjustment, please do not expect a response back as we are working with limited staff and our inbox is overflowing. 


Q. Why are rewards not working? Can I use rewards?

A. Unfortunately, we have decided to deactivate our rewards program. Rewards have always been a bonus for shopping with us, but we cannot afford to honor them or continue to issue them at this time.


Q. Will you accept returns of items purchased during your liquidation sale?

A. No: all sales are final for any open orders or orders placed in the future.


Q. Why does my shipping label say created but not shipped?

A. We are creating labels and pulling items as fast as we can so we can keep an accurate inventory count. All our manpower is going to make sure we do not oversell. If you have seen a label generated but your item hasn’t shipped yet, it will! It just means it’s been pulled from our inventory and ready to be packaged and handed off to UPS.


Q. Why has customer service not responded to my emails?

A. Our customer service is overwhelmed with emails. They are doing their best to respond as quickly as possible, but please note not all emails will be responded to if we have addressed the issues publicly. 


Q. Will I get a price adjustment?

A. We are no longer able to honor price adjustments.


Q. Will there be an in-person liquidation sale?

A. Yes! We will sell everything that is left over after our liquidation via an in person sale. At this point in time we do not have a definite date, but we will keep everyone posted.

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