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Update 6/28/22 - AMAZING guys! We have made such great progress in redesigning our business and you all are rising to the occasion. THANK YOU!

We have reached a huge chunk of our goal and are now re evaluating our needs after speaking with factories and vendors. We have such GREAT NEWS!

To reach our immediate goal, we need 1,700 orders of $59!! We are hoping that if the previous request of orders of $80-$100 was too much for you, this $59 order might be more attainable for you. Our goal date is July 4!

Changes you should see moving forward:

Thank you again friends for being here. We are so excited about the things to come and we are so happy to have you on the ride. So many more exciting things to come here at Evy's Tree. xo

Amy - CEO and Founder

The History of Evy’s Tree

The year was 2013, and for four years I had worked tirelessly to build a strong community of handmade hoodie lovers. I had a little team of seamstresses that hand-embellished hoodies that I first sold on Etsy, and then on my own website. While the hoodies were well-loved, keeping quality and consistency was difficult, and truth be told, I never made a penny; in fact every year I finished in the red no matter how hard I tried. I was working around the clock and was exhausted. Doing handmade just wasn’t feasible to sustain long term, and I knew it. I needed to make a change.

Cue Save Evy’s Tree.

I did what I only know to do, which was, to be honest with my customers. I told them I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, it wasn’t healthy for me or my family. The only way I could continue doing this was if I shifted to mass production, and that cost a lot of money- money I didn’t have. I proposed my own Kickstarter:  I gave myself 6 weeks to sell all my inventory of handmade hoodies to raise the $60,000 I needed to move my business to mass production. Save Evy’s Tree was posted everywhere, shared by my customers with friends all over social media, and my beautiful community stepped up to the plate….together we raised the money and Evy’s Tree soared and became what we know of it today.

I will never, ever forget that time and how I felt before I launched the campaign. I knew I had to make a change…and I have the same feeling today. 

Where is Evy's Tree Now?

As you guys know, the last year or so has been hard on us. The universal supply chain has hammered us down; between overbuying in response to 2020 and products stuck on vessels and customs in 2021, we felt the pressure all businesses were feeling- what do we do to move products responsibly and keep products getting here while it was stuck for months? Our response was to discount our product to try to keep cash and product flowing.

It was a mistake. Instead, we created a profit margin nightmare that will eventually sink us.

The stress of keeping this business afloat during this time has exhausted me. What we have endured over the last year or so has broken us and I am very worried about the long-term effects on myself and my family. I find myself right back where I was in 2013 before saving Evy’s Tree. I have to make another change. 

My CFO and I had a heart-to-heart this week: continue like we are doing and we will find our doors closed in no time.


Sell our products for the value they deserve. Be honest with my customers once again. Share the story, the struggle, and accept the outcome.

So here I am.

The timing is somewhat crazy. All of this falls on the week that we would typically be pushing a semi-annual sale. Things marked down super cheap to clear our shelves. But we have been doing that for months now, and it’s been our undoing. 

So we will not be able to do a semi-annual sale this year.

We are going to do a Semi-Annual SAVE.

What does this mean? It means we are going to sell our beautiful, luxurious hoodies for the price they are worth. Not $9 or $19, but $49-$99, just like we did when we started. We have 3,000 pieces in stock on our shelves. If we manage to sell them all at the price they are supposed to be at, we can save Evy’s Tree once again.

The Future of Evy’s Tree

What will this mean for our future? It means that we will release fewer products at higher prices. We are going back to exclusivity: limited amounts of hoodies at prices that are consistent with a profit margin that will make this business stand for the long haul. By doing this, I will secure jobs for my staff for years to come and most importantly, I will be able to sleep at night. My family can heal from the trauma of this past year. I will be healthy. And this, my friends, is paramount for not just me, but all of us.

When I launched Save Evy’s Tree back in 2013, I had 6 weeks to reach my goal. Unfortunately, this time we don’t have that. I have a bigger staff, bigger bills, longer lead times for future PO’s…. We really only have two weeks to sell all 3,000 of our pieces at prices that will sustain the product we have. 

Our Semi-Annual Save will have our entire site listed at prices that bring in a profit margin we can afford. Every year during our typical semi-annual sale, we have at least 3,000 shoppers at an average order value of $80- $100. This year, we are asking you to do exactly as you’ve done every year during our sale: but this time, you will only get one {or two} pieces for your $80 - $100.

What happens after two weeks?

After selling things at the right profit margin, we will be able to right the ship. Move our product that is stuck. Develop future product….change the trajectory of our company to one of health.

What does this mean for you?

I’m asking all our loyal customers to take an honest moment and decide how much they love Evy’s Tree. Do you want us in your future?

If the answer is yes, then we need you. We need you today and this whole week.

My CFO asked me yesterday, “Amy if you are paying $100+ for a tank of gas right now, something that only lasts you one week max…why are you selling a beautiful luxurious hoodie- something that will be around for years- for $9?”

Why indeed... :( 

So, friends, this email is not introducing our semi-annual sale like normal. This email is introducing a Save Evy’s Tree campaign once again… I have no idea how many of you will step up to the plate. I know it’s hard out there and we are all suffering. Groceries, gas, interest rates. It’s all hard. Please hear me: you must take care of your families first. 

But if you were planning on shopping our Semi-Annual Sale this year and spending your usual $80-$100, I’m hoping you will continue to do so….and instead of buying a ton of pieces, just buy that one or two {or three or four ;)} and in turn, be reassured that you will have Evy’s Tree in your life for years to come.

To thank you, we will be sending a 20% off discount code to all of you who shop the Semi Annual Save between June 20-July 4. This discount code is good on our next new release in July. Remember: the new releases moving forward will be true prices at a profit margin that we can afford with little discounting, so this 20% will be a big thank you for keeping Evy’s Tree off the list of companies that went under during the supply chain disaster of 2020-2022. 


Please note: we need to have 3,000 orders at least $80-$100. You can buy from in stock or preorder, either one that suits you is fine. It all helps.

In closing, thank you dear friends. I have loved this journey with you. You are beautiful and special and really such a joy to be with. I hope and pray you feel the same about us….but whatever happens, I know what is meant to be will be. I will find comfort and peace in that. 

Much love to you all, 


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