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Evy's Tree is not just a hoodie company; it's a community.

We are looking for brand ambassadors; women who are not just influencers in their circles, but women who share our values and the heart of our business. We don’t just want a pretty face, we want a pretty heart. Unlike other brands, we want to highlight the good in all people, and we want to work with people who are relatable to our virtual community. The love and grace and kindness that you emit, we want that to be tied to Evy’s Tree and vice versa. We aren’t necessarily concerned with how much return on investment your picture brings; we are more concerned with whether you will share our mission, our heartbeat, and our love with others that live in your circle. And hopefully we can do the same for you.

We don't just want influencers, we want to partner with mission spreaders.

Does this describe you? Do you jive with our motto #doscarythings? Can you share love, kindness and compassion? Do you have a heart for spreading the word that fashion and comfort can coexist? Then you have come to the right place. Thank you, my friend, for thinking about being a part of our community. We are honored and blessed to have you here. May our potential union grow and may we build each other up as we walk this sometimes scary road before us.

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The Evy’s Tree Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive group of enthusiastic individuals who are influential on social media, passionate, and eager to spread the word about Evy’s Tree luxury hoodies and comfort wear.  Be the first to know about our upcoming releases, launches, sales and campaigns.

Check out our Perks and Requirements

  • Ambassador Perks

    • The chance to be featured across our social media accounts
    • Be the first to know about and receive our new products
    • Receive quarterly gift boxes and earn gifted product for friends and family
    • Receive commission through our Affiliate program
    • Be part of a community of love, kindness and compassion
    • Help spread the word that fashion and comfort can coexist
  • Ambassador Requirements:

    • Share Evy’s Tree pieces fashionably on social media platforms and blog, using high quality photos
    • Maintain a minimum of 5k active followers across all social platforms
    • Spread the word about the Evy’s Tree brand and encourage others to join the community
    • Share sales and campaigns upon request
    • Represent Evy’s Tree in a professional light
    • Spread the Evy’s Tree mission

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