I love the word cozy. It makes me think of crackling fires, curling up in soft blankets, and sipping on cocoa with the kids. But when it comes to clothes that make a statement, the term “cozy” can conjure up a different picture. 

Just because your hubby’s old sweater is cozy doesn’t mean that you’d feel comfortable wearing it on your next shopping trip. Well – not too often anyway. 

As moms, we deserve to be as comfortable as possible as often as possible. After nine months of itchy stretch marks and countless years of running around after toddlers, it’s nice to wrap yourself up in something indulgent every once in a while. 

The question is – how do you walk the line between cozy and ugly?

The right fabric could make all the difference. 

Today, I’m going to walk you through a list of some of the coziest fabrics to consider this season when you’re decking out your wardrobe for a bit of practical pampering. 

Who says you can’t feel good and look good at the same time?

What are the Most Cozy Fabrics to Wear?

Let’s start simple, how do you design a cozy outfit?

Well, here at Evy’s tree, we have a few key characteristics that often come into play. First, cozy fabrics have to be soft. We’re talking fine-knit polyester fabric that’s silky smooth against your skin or microfiber squares that you can’t help but stroke. 

Next, you need a fabric that can maintain a certain amount of warmth without feeling overwhelming. Wool and velvet are great for warmth, but velvet isn’t as great at letting your skin breathe. 

Finally, you need something natural. Clothes made from synthetic materials rarely give you the luxurious texture you’re looking for. Let’s face it, you’re not looking for fabrics for your furniture and upholstery here. You want something that feels good wrapped around you when you’re sipping on a fresh bowl of soup. 

It’s also worth choosing a cozy fabric that isn’t too tight. First of all, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want something clinging to your stomach after several weeks of quarantine binging, and a loose fit gives you more freedom to move. 

Here are some of the topic fabrics to snuggle up with this season. 

What is the Most Comfortable Fabric to Wear? 7 Options


Okay, so flannel might not transform you into the most glamourous mom in the world – but it doesn’t have to be frumpy either. Flannel is a brushed cotton fabric that gives you a delightful extra dose of softness. Think of the warm flannel sheets your parents used to give you in winter or the flannel quilting on your baby’s blanket. 

The great thing about flannel is that depending on the pattern and thickness, you can wear it in summer and winter. A button-up flannel shirt is also an excellent choice for layering when you’re not sure how trustworthy the weather forecast might be. 


Fleece is another of the coziest fabrics you can get your hands on this season. Once again, let me refer you to your baby’s first blanket for a good idea of what fleece can feel like. Squares of fleece are excellent for bedding and soft décor. They’re almost as soft as silk, but they’re much more likely to maintain a decent amount of heat. 

Fleece is a polyester fabric that has brilliant insulating abilities. You can find it in a wide range of designs in any fabric store. Fleece also makes some excellent hoodies and zip-up sweaters when you need to stay cozy too. A lightweight fleece can be an excellent Fall accessory when you don’t want to get too sweaty running after the kids, but you want to stay warm too. Our fall/winter hoodies sell like hotcakes thanks to its cozy combo of polyester and cotton. 

Leather (Distressed)

Leather might not seem like one of the most cozy fabrics in the world at first. However, distressed leather can be seriously comfortable. This kind of leather is great for coats, as it’s not tight or restrictive. Even the faux versions available can provide excellent suede-like softness, and make you look incredible at the same time.

If you’re on the hunt for a fabric that will have you looking like the hippest mom around, then leather (or fake leather) is a great idea. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun colors when you’re browsing through dye options. A little color can really make your outfit pop.


Cotton is one of those cozy fabrics that often gets overlooked. Compared to various forms of polyester and linen, cotton doesn’t seem super special. However, it’s actually one of the most versatile fabric options around. When designed by someone with an excellent mastery of the sewing machine, a cotton fabric looks and feels great.

Cotton is durable, so it holds up to regular washing (Thank goodness). Plus, you get the benefit of knowing it’s natural too. If you’re a big fan of layering to keep your wardrobe fresh, a cotton cardigan or hoodie can keep you warm, without leaving you feeling overly sweaty. I love our 100% cotton tops right now an every day, luxurious vibe.


Wool is probably one of the best-known cozy fabrics out there. You can find this material in everything from your diaper bag to your curtains and pillows. You may have even tried your hand at knitting with wool while making your kids a new quilt! 

The great thing about wool is that it comes in a lot of different styles and shapes. You can find fine-knit wool sweaters perfectly accentuate your figure in all the right places (I play a fierce sweater game… which really helps on those days when I’m feeling frumpy). There are also chunkier wool options out there to give you a blanket of comfort in winter months. If you put all-natural wool in the wash, make sure you’re careful!

Chenille (or Cashmere)

Another extremely popular option is chenille, which comes from a thick and fuzzy yarn that you can use by the yard to cover your sofa or combine to make a fantastic throw. Although this super soft material feels great on furniture, you can also get some fantastic chenille jackets, cardigans, and sweaters. 

If you’re looking for something a little more slimline, consider switching your chenille out for a cashmere stitch instead. Cashmere is a lot more lightweight, and ideal for the fall months when you might still break a sweat when playing with the little ones. Just remember that you’ll probably pay a small fortune for cashmere (and it’s not too easy to wash!)

Rayon and Spandex

This might sound like an odd choice for some, but rayon and cotton can be a brilliant mix when you’re looking for lightweight comfort. A great material doesn’t have to be thick and warm to be cozy.

A combo of rayon and spandex (with some extra cotton thrown in) also gives you a brilliant stretchy fabric that adapts to suit you. That means that you can show off your figure, or just enjoy some relaxed vibes with one of our heavier hoodies. Spandex and rayon are an ideal option for those who want lightweight comfort, without the extra maintenance. 

Finding Cozy Fabrics to Love

Finding the ultimate cozy fabric to fall in love with is a unique process for everyone. 

If you're searching for art gallery fabrics to deck out your home or want something to sew yourself, you'll probably choose a very different material than someone looking for a fantastic jacket. The good news is that there are plenty of cozy options out there. 

Whether you opt for polyester blends or natural linen, you’re sure to find a material you can fall in love with. Choose a cozy fabric with a great pattern, and you might just discover the new staple piece of your wardrobe. 

One point to remember is that cozy fabrics only stay cozy for as long as you look after them. Unfortunately, moms, you might need to follow some pretty specific instructions on how to look after some of your linen and clothes. 

While some items, like polyester or cotton, can usually go into your washing machine and dryer with no problem, make sure you double-check the instructions on your seam label before washing any of your new cozy fabrics. You don't want a disaster on your hands.  

Natural materials like wool have a habit of falling to pieces in the washer. 

Cozy fabrics can transform your outfit in seconds. Find a favorite piece that is lightweight and vibrant, but it still gives you the sense that you're being wrapped up in warmth.

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