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The Evy's Tree Story

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what customers are saying

"My name is Tessa, and I fell in love with Evy’s Tree in the fall of 2015! A friend of mine tagged me in a post of the Ashley in Sienna. I absolutely loved it, but we were in the trenches with 3 very young children, and I wasn’t able to splurge on myself. However, that Christmas, my husband bought me the Britt cape, and I was hooked! The obsession continued with the pine needle Lizzy! My love for ET grew from there. I love Evy’s Tree because of the unique, high-quality fabric with touches of feminine flair. I get compliments every time I wear a piece! Amy and the ET team make shopping a breeze... from their live video launches to the unmatched customer service, ordering online has become a personal experience. They are eager to get to know their customers and always take comments into consideration. Supporting a company that puts the customer first and loves Jesus is a win for me! Evy’s Tree has become a staple in my closet and will continue for years to come!" - Tessa Wolsiffer

"I first heard about Evy’s Tree on Instagram (which I am eternally grateful for how else would we be able to find amazing companies like Evy’s Tree?) I have been a part of the Evy’s Tree brand for two years. I bought my first hoodie in the hopes that I would find a new style as a mom of two toddlers. What I ended up finding is so much more. Life has evolved tremendously since my days of naps, feeding schedules, and endless parks. The hoodies that helped me find my style as a mom are now taking me through days of piano teaching, singing in a band, nature hikes, and concerts in Portland. Where else can you get one piece of clothing that is capable of taking you from 9AM (who are we kidding…..6AM!) to 9PM in style? Not to mention the fact that I have been able to streamline my clothing buying (no more annoying malls), and take the guesswork out of what size to wear. The Evy’s Tree In Real Life models have made sizing choices easy. Unlike standard clothing ads featuring one model, the IRL models are different heights, builds, and weights. You will find someone similar to you, and you’ll know exactly how a piece is going to look and fit on you. This is just one of the many innovations in clothing buying that Evy’s has created. Somehow, Evy’s Tree has found the perfect combination of style and ease. You CAN look great and it CAN be easy!" - Angela Hughey